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Backup the Raid5/NAS ??? It IS my backup machine !

Yes, I do mean backup the RAID5 NAS if it is the only place valuable data is held; RAID 5 can become corrupted (as you have discovered) and is not a backup in itself even though it can cope with a single drive failure.

All of my data is automatically backed up from my desktop PCs onto a mirrored Buffalo NAS using daily incremental backup software. That is a backup (the mirrored NAS drives alone are not a backup even though there are two of them) and will allow me to recover my PC data is the drive fails. The NAS itself is also backed up onto removable drives every six months or so for offsite storage. I wouldn't not trust anything or anyone else with my data.
Wireless / WZR-HP-G300NH WAN DHCP Issues
« Last post by Charle on Today at 12:20:09 am »
Hello everyone,,
I'm using a WZR-HP-G300NH to connect to Comcast for my internet. When I do certain modifications to the router's configuration it causes the router to drop its WAN DHCP settings and re-request. For example, all I did was update the Syslog Transfer logs. Typically on these requests it fails and just sits there until I play around with it. Sometimes I have to make changes when connected remotely so this kinda kills having that ability. I've set the switch to Router mode and the Method of Acquiring Address is set to DHCP.

Any other suggestions for getting a smooth DHCP transaction? I never had a problem with my older Buffalo router.

Firmware Ver.1.60 (R6.20/B1.03)
Storage / LS441DCF1 - Error Trying To Unmount USB Drive
« Last post by BantaY on Today at 12:14:26 am »
Hello everyone,,
I recently purchased a LS441DCF1 to replace a 2-bay Buffalo NAS unit. Spent several days setting it up (only 2 drives at the moment) and transferring everything across from the other unit. Then set up backup jobs. First backup job ran fine. I forgot about the second job and got a flashing orange LED at the front and a warning on the Admin screen. Changed the job to run immediately to do the backup (with the drive attached) and it was fine. Warning gone, as has flashing LED. Third job ran successfully according to the Admin screen, although there was nothing additional to backup. I went to unmount the USB drive and entered the 4 digit code as required, and it nows gives me a message saying:

This cannot be performed because another process is being executed.

There are no backup jobs running, there is nothing being downloaded with BitTorrent, and no files being accessed from any computer. The unit is running on the latest version of firmware, 1.81-0.03.

Any suggestions on what could be causing the issue, and how can I get around it? I had thought of just restarting the NAS unit with the USB drive still attached to see if that cured it, but thought best to ask for advice first.
Storage / Re: Help : Raid5 disks are now unformated after a power shutdown
« Last post by 1000001101000 on January 16, 2020, 09:18:28 pm »
Itís been a while since iíve watched the lcd that closely, seems like it isnít seeing boot partitions and is booting into EM mode from the internal NAND.

is is showing as EM mode in NasNavigator?
Storage / Re: Help : Raid5 disks are now unformated after a power shutdown
« Last post by CSOSOG on January 16, 2020, 05:15:25 pm »
Here is the log of the indications on the panel of the TeraStation :
   (Power button flashing green)
   (Red background)
   (LAN1 led OFF)
00:03   DRAM TEST U-BootStart
00:04   Buffalo Version 2,06-1,00
00:05   Initialise Nand FLASH
00:06   (LAN1 led ON)
00:06   Initialise Boot FLASH
00:23   Detected NAND 512 MB
00:24   Initialize environement
00:26   Initialize ENV FLASH
00:26   Initialize Xor Engine
00:27   Initialize IDMA Engine
00:27   InitializePower Scheme
00:28   Initialize Enable interup
00:29   Hard disk HD 1 Power ON
00:32   Hard disk HD 2 Power ON
00:35   Hard disk HD 3 Power ON
00:38   Hard disk HD 4 Power ON
00:43   Initialize SATA 0Channel
00:43   Initialize SATA 1Channel
00:45   Initialize SATA 2Channel
00:47   Initialize SATA 3Channel
00:50   No Kernel File At HDD 2
00:51   No Init File At HDD 2
00:51   No Kernel File At HDD 3
00:52   No Init File At HDD 3
00:53   No Kernel File At HDD 4
00:54   No Init File At HDD 4
00:54   No Kernel File At HDD 5
00:55   No Init File At HDD 5
04:59   System ROM Checking Ö.
05:24   Welcome to TeraStation
05:27   (Blue background)
06:11   (Power button green stable)
06:15   LINK SPEED 1000Mbps
06:20   HD USED 1_2_3_4_
06:21   RAID I14 ARRAY1 Checking
06:22   (INFO led ON)
06:25   TS-XL Ver. 1.06
06:30   NETWORK2
06:31   LINK SPEED 1000Mbps
06:33   (INFO led OFF)
06:35   HD USED 1_2_3_4_
06:40   TS-XL7FA F
06:45   HD 1-2-3-4 RAID5
06:50   DATE TIME 2020/1/15 22:02
06:55   TS-XL Ver. 1.06
07:00   NETWORK2
07:10   LINK SPEED 1000Mbps
07:15   HD USED 1_2_3_4_

Remarks of a newbie :
No "No Kernel/Init File At HDD 1" message aroud 00:47
"No Kernel/Init File At HDD 5" message aroud 00:54
Huge delay between 00:55 and 04:59

Storage / Re: which antivirus program is commonly used?
« Last post by 1000001101000 on January 16, 2020, 03:40:41 pm »
For a machine that you won't be using for risky thing like browsing the web and installing downloaded programs/etc I would think Windows Defender and automatic windows updates would be plenty of protection.
Storage / Re: Help : Raid5 disks are now unformated after a power shutdown
« Last post by 1000001101000 on January 16, 2020, 03:38:28 pm »
Most electronics are susceptible to issues from sudden power loss, hard drives in particular have moving parts that wear out over time. The TS-XL was released in 2009, 11 years between issues seems like a pretty good track record to me.

If you'd like there tools available that would allow you to poke around from the command line and try to figure out what happened to your raid array. You could also remove the disks and connect them to a PC running linux and try to recover the array that way.

No matter what you do I'd suggest assessing the health of the drives before re-creating the array or re-installing the firmware in case drive failure has something to do with the array disappearing. 
Storage / Re: Help : Raid5 disks are now unformated after a power shutdown
« Last post by Texturtle on January 16, 2020, 03:29:41 pm »
It simply means they were affected differently. I've seen systems work fine through power loss plenty of times, then have a problem with the next one. It can be unpredictable.
Storage / Re: Help : Raid5 disks are now unformated after a power shutdown
« Last post by CSOSOG on January 16, 2020, 03:10:12 pm »
But my PC was also working when the power failure occured and his HD is OK.
Do you mean that a Buffalo device is LESS SAFE than a Windows machine ???
Storage / Re: Help : Raid5 disks are now unformated after a power shutdown
« Last post by Texturtle on January 16, 2020, 03:00:05 pm »
It certainly sounds like the power issue may have caused a problem with the RAID. You will probably need to re-create the RAID and copy all data back to the unit unfortunately. I would recommend looking into a UPS to try and protect against problems like this in the future.
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