Author Topic: LS-WVL Linkstation Pro Duo Firmware update error after power glitch  (Read 1882 times)


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I haven't used my LinksStation for quite some time after one HDD failure showed up.
So I decided to power it off and get a new replacement HDD for HDD 2.

Now finally I got a new replacement HDD, but when I've logged-in to my LinkStation, I got notified that a new firmware was available to update it from V1.71 to V1.73.
Silly me, I've confirmed to the update so it went on, before I've installed the new replacement HDD for bay2.
But as the browser showed that the update has been finished, and waiting for restart. Do not power off or refresh browser......
Unfortunately during exactly that specific moment, we've had a power outage for a few seconds.

Then all booted back up, and now my LS is in a unknown state and can't be detected by the NasNavigator2 anymore.
The status LED is blinking 2 times long and 5 times short (I25), which means the firmware update is ongoing (don not power off).
No matter what I do, power off and on with holding the function button for 1min down, the LS will always return to that state and I can't find it on the network anymore.

Is there any way to recover my LS DuoPro again?
I don't want to loose my existing Data on the still functional HDD bay1.

Please help me, as I've got no idea how to recover from that state....

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