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Product Idea - Access Security Enhancement
« on: February 27, 2015, 07:45:04 pm »
We have the WZR-1750DHP Router with Firmware Ver. 2.24.  We love the security controls to limit my kids access to the web by device!  I was wondering if you could enhance the functionality in your next releases.
Here are my ideas
1.  Allow for the Security > Access control to be a part of the mobile UI and not only a part of the "Advanced Settings".  Most parents will love this functionality and it would be nice to have it in the more simple and large mobile UI if possible.  This UI looks sweet on my Samsung S5 BTW, thanks for making that!
2.  Give the ability to set the Access Control on the 1/2 hour and not just hour by hour.  I would like my kids to read from 8:30 - -9pm every night.  Additionally, the calendar is a little confusing the way it lines up on the Gant Chart, you can't tell if it starts at 9 or 10.  Oh, and an option for 12hr mode would be cool for us non-military folks!
3.  In the Access control device list, please add the devices "Name" from the devices setup.  I named my kids device, "Jake's iPad" but the access control only shows the MACID which has to be memorized or looked up from the devices screen.  If a user goes through the trouble of naming the devices, it should show up other places like the Access Control settings.

Thanks for listening!
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