Author Topic: A recent release of SAMBA, I think, should be a priority.  (Read 3500 times)


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A recent release of SAMBA, I think, should be a priority.
« on: September 14, 2012, 02:18:58 pm »

The Linkstation is using SAMBA Version 3.0.30-1.4.osstech.


The Samba group announced the 3.0.0 tree in September 24, 2003, 9 years ago.


The 3.0.30 patch was announced in May 2008, and that last patch to the 3.0.x tree was 3.0.37, issued in October 2009, making the Linkstations Samba version, well, let's be nice, let' say, OLD.


Per the Wiki, Windows 7 is fully supported in Samba 3.4 or later, Samba 3.3.5 or later, Samba 3.3.2, 3.3.3 and 3.3.4 (with NOTES), and Samba 3.2.12 or later


Hmmm, so the Linkstation is using OLD software, that DOES NOT OFFICIALLY SUPPORT WINDOWS 7.


Maybe I should find an adjective other then OLD to describe the SAMBA situation in the Linkstation.


Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I just had the bad luck to look in the new, just released images, full of old software.


F.Y.I. just released Version 4.0.0rc1 this week.


SAMBA 3.6.0 was Announced in August of 2011

SAMBA 3.5.0 was Announced in March of 2010

SAMBA 3.4.0 was Announced in July of 2009

SAMBA 3.3.0 was Announced in January of 2009

SAMBA 3.2.0 was Announced in July of 2008

SAMBA 3.0.0 was Announced in September of 2003.


The announced patch to the 3.0. tree was 3.0.37, a security patch released in October of 2009.