Author Topic: Media server on HS-DHTGL/R5 2.10 TeraStation  (Read 1359 times)


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Media server on HS-DHTGL/R5 2.10 TeraStation
« on: December 20, 2012, 04:10:41 am »

I have a Terastation Pro HS-DHTGL/R5 which is a few years old now. It's working fine as a NAS and I don't particularly want to replace it (it cost me more than 600), I know they are a lot cheaper now. I do have an issue with the "built in" media server though.

I have many thousands of photos and many hours of music in the designated media server folder. I can see the folder when using my PS3 and display the photos or play the music without a problem. Here's the problem - I can only see the media server on the Terastation if a PC is switched on. The PS3 can then see both the Terastation and the PC as media servers. If all PCs are switched off I cannot see the Terastation. I thought that the media server was both PCast and DNLA compliant.

I want a solution that does not rely on PCs being switched on. I want to be able to see the NAS with whatever device I decide to use as a media player, possibly without using the TV as a display device, something like a Logitech Squeezebox Display. I don't want to comit to purchase another media player unless I can be sure that it will see the NAS without PCs being switched on.

Any suggestions?

Regards, Norman