Author Topic: Oppo media player cannot access LS220D shares - but DLNA is fine  (Read 1485 times)


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Hi there
As it says the Oppo 105D media player can't get direct access to the NAS unless the NAS twonky media server is switched on.
I have three other Buffalo NAS's [WXL/R1] on the same network and the oppo can access these directly or through Twonky media server without any issue.
BUT no access to the LS220D directly....!?.
The LS220D is consistantly sitting on "LOADING" or asking for a username and password... I have used the network credentials the admin credentials but no luck.. what password and user does it want.????
cheers CD
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user of 3x LS-WXL, 1xLS220D but not that impressed with the reliability of the Seagate disks they use...