Author Topic: Can't see TS on the network, can't access it even through TS restart.  (Read 456 times)


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Hello, I am a very upset user utilizing the Buffalo Terastation.

I've been having problems with the Terastation since I got it. I'm not sure if it was already used or brand new, I got it from a third party person that works and owns Computators in Emmett, Idaho.

The problems are as follows:

High pitched noise when shut down.
Need to Reinitialize after complete shut down and unplugging the system, replugging it back in, and booting it back up.
Disappearing from the Nas Navigator
Not being able to access the drives through its IP addresses, Windows Network, Nas Navi, or any third party program.
Reinitialization after power outage.

I am at my wit's end, and about to trade this piece of garbage in for a smaller drive, and purchase many other smaller drives (8-16 GB). I use this hunk of lunk for backup storage and media center on occasions. But recently, my backup is now my primary, due to my primary drives corrupting or failing. So, basically, this is my main storage, until I can find something better, cheaper, more reliable, and cost effective to back up my data.


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Re: Can't see TS on the network, can't access it even through TS restart.
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What model is this device?