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I have an old Link Station LS-CHL. It is still operating on what I believe is the original firmware level 1.06.
I have been trying for the last several weeks to update that version to the latest 1.74 but when I start the updater app it comes back and tells me that it cannot find the device that needs updating.
I have worked with Buffalo support twice and twice to no avail.
I have two questions, 1. in the .ini file it mentions a list of TARGETS with ProductID and a string (hex?) such as:
ProductID1 = 0x00000011
does anyone know what do these items refer to?
2. Is there any way to get earlier firmware versions so I can see if any of those will move me from version 1.06?
any help would be appreciated.

I believe this is because there are two different hardware revisions which have different firmware.

The firmware for both and a note how to tell them apart can be found here:

thank you for the link to the firmware download page but as far as I can surmise this firmware version is not any different from the other updater I have been trying to apply.
I received the same results with this updater saying that "the device needing upgrade cannot be found".??


--- Quote ---    * This is the firmware for V1 Series which has blue web-based interface.
The firmware can't use for V2 Series which has red web-based interface.
--- End quote ---

I believe the 1.12 firmware updater should allow you to upgrade 1.06 -> 1.12.

when I try to download the 1.12 I get this error
<Message>Access denied</Message>


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