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LinkStation Duo - LS-WX4.0TL/R1 not detected on Windows 7

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my LinkStation Duo - LS-WX4.0TL/R1 has been working for the last 7 years, suddenly last week. the drives are not being detected on my computer. first the red error light was blinking. i tried shutting off the NAS and restarting it. Now just the blue power light is on, and still not detected on my computer. not sure what to do. i downloaded the the latest software and the NAS is still not detected.

You mentioned downloading software, have you tried using NasNavigator? If the device has gone into Emergency Mode it should be visible in NasNavigator.

yes, i've downloaded the NAS Navigator 2, the NAS is not detected

The NAS blinks 7 red, what can I do?

7 red blinks usually means that the device is failing to detect the drive/ boot partition. You could try booting with each drive individually to see if one of them still has a valid boot partition.

If you don't need any of the data off the drives you could start over with new ones by following this post:


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