Author Topic: Installing a Samsung Printer on an old Linkstation USB port  (Read 1913 times)


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Helllo everyone,

My setup is an old Linkstation HD-HLAN (100GB drive), Firmware 1.44, Samsung SCX4216F multifunction printer connected to the USB port, home network with Windows XP, Vista and Win 7 machines.


I just couldn't get my Linkstation connected printer to work through a TCP/IP port on the Win 7 machine. I eventually got it to work quite quickly by this connection method using a LOCAL port


1. Click ‘Devices and Printers’,

2. Click Add a Printer

3. Click 'Add a local printer'

4. Click 'Create a new port'

5  Select Local port, click Next

6. Enter port name as \\linkstation\lp then click OK

(Note: If this port does exist then click 'Use an Existing port' and select \\linkstation\lp LOCAL Port back at step 4.  Important to make sure its a local port and not a TCP/IP one)

7. For driver select Samsung SCX-4x16 series (the universal print driver which is supposedly for W7 x64 doesn’t work.  It simply starts the printer but then fails to print anything)


Hope this helps someone out there and this is the appropriate place to post this.