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Update BitTorrent client

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oxygen8 is correct, the buffalo firmware does a lot for you like managing your samba configuration etc.

That said, if your comfortable running regular debian you will find it a lot easier to install and update software without breaking things.

If you want to give it a try, all the tools you need are here:

Thanks guys for your inputs.
@oxygen8: I will try to configure Socks5 via transmission.
Could you tell me how to update to the latest version if needed? I assume you built your own binary or did you get it from somewhere?
@1000001101000  I had bookmarked your github project before your replied as I saw it on a different thread.

Thanks again !

Dear Ray75,

Do you still have the Transmission 2.92 to share, and can it be installed on Linkstation LS-VL (its CPU is Marvell Kirkwood ).


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