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I just upgraded the firmware of my LinkStation (LS410D0A2) and I noticed that the BitTorrent client is still at this version:
Product Version 3.2
Source Revision 30436
Build Date 2013-12-19 14:42:43 -0800

Maybe upgrading the version of this client can be a quick win.


I am using Transmission.

Ok, did not see your reply.
First of all, thanks for your input.
I will try the installation process for the LS410D0A2.

Hello again oxygen8,
I managed to install transmission 2.92 from your tutorial.
However, 2 points:
- I had to download your version of transmission, but if I want the latest version on the official repo (currently 2.94), how would you do that? How did you compile the version you offer for your linkstation? I managed to ssh, I did not manage to install apt-get and other stuff as I can't even find the correct version of apt-get, ARM version of the LinkStation and the version of Debian installed... Probably, I will go full debian to remove this OS from my LinkStation...
- I use the embedded BitTorrent version installed on my Linkstation because I want to use SOCKS5 proxy and I haven't found it available on Transmission

If you have any insight on those subject, I would be pleased to read them.

Thank you,



--- Code: ---I will go full debian to remove this OS from my LinkStation...
--- End code ---
i do not recommend this
the original fimrware is very comfortable

Enabling Socks5 for Transmission:


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