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Time to answer a ticket
« on: November 12, 2013, 06:21:48 am »
Good Afternoon - UK Time,

Last Wednesday, I telephoned the UK Helpline, where a support ticket was opened.  To date, 6 days, there has been no response and I cannot determine if there is a place where I login and look to see whether an answer is waiting.  As a septuagenarian,  I sometimes miss the "obvious", so if I should have done something else could someone please advise.  All I want is the MAC code for my new[ish] buffalo router to, hopefully, recover a "brick" following a failed, I believe, dd-wrt flash to further enhance the capabilities offered using this software.  I was totally flabbergasted to not find this information either on the router, the box, or the enclosed "documentation.  Thanks in advance for any information.  Regards.