Author Topic: LS-QV12LT/R5 HELP !!!!!!  (Read 5108 times)


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LS-QV12LT/R5 HELP !!!!!!
« on: May 10, 2020, 02:16:42 pm »
Hi all
Have an LS-QV12LT/R5 that had a catastrophic failure. Drives all dead need to be replaced, unit now blinks red 6 times. Before we brick this thing and send it to recycling heaven, we wish to attempt a TFTP boot and wipe the firmware, and hope for the best.
We are a small community center and have decent IT people, but need help locating files for the. LS-QV12LT/R5

We require the actual TFTP files specific to this machine so we can rebuild it. Had we had the $ we would buy a newer one, it has served us well. But times are hard and we are looking to try one last option. Buffalo support has been good, but this procedure is not one they support and therefore the files are not being provided by them.
We have the procedure as per

wowever we need the files specific to the LS-QV12LT/R5

Can anyone please help?


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Re: LS-QV12LT/R5 HELP !!!!!!
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