Author Topic: MediaStation BR-X816U2 - Compatible BD-R DL Discs?  (Read 2576 times)


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MediaStation BR-X816U2 - Compatible BD-R DL Discs?
« on: July 17, 2011, 09:07:46 am »



Thanks for reading.


In the interest of finding the best price on dual layer, BD-R media, I'm wondering if the community can share its experiences with compatible discs?  For example, I've successfully burned using Verbatim BD-R DL's but at nearly $10 a pop, that's a bit expensive....especially when you consider there are other products on the market for much cheaper (e.g. Optical Quantum for $4.69 each).


I've tried searching for a list of compatible BR media but came up empty.  Thus, I'd be very interested in hearing what media has worked for you.


Thanks in advance.




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Re: MediaStation BR-X816U2 - Compatible BD-R DL Discs?
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I have the MediaStation™ 12x External USB 3.0 Blu-ray Writer - BR3D-12U3.  I like the saving idea too, and bought a 10 pack of the, "Optical Quantum 6X 50GB BD-R Double Layer Logo Top - 10 pcs (MPN: OQBDRDL06LT-10)"  I did read the short list of Blu-ray writers test for compatability on the RunTechMedia site.  Our Buffalo burners were not tested.  I can not burn video to the Optical Quantum BD-R DL with my BR3D-12U3.  Every Verbatim BD-R DL I have used, about 30 disks, worked perfectly.


Most of the BD-R burners listed on the RunTechMedia site that are compatable with the Optical Quantum BD-R DL are not expensive.  I am considering buying a compatable 12x burner listed for about $99.00.  Then use the Verbatim for quality, and the Optical Quantum disks for fun projects, since most of those disks will go to family and friends.  It will not take long for the cheaper disks to pay for the cheaper burner.


Eventually, the price of the BD-R DLs will come down.  I find B&H Photo have the best prices for BD-R DL.

Good Luck with your Stuff!