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: Two whr-hp-g54, how to connect
: JonnyG June 06, 2009, 03:54:40 PM

I have owned a WHR-HP-G54 for a couple of years and it has worked flawlessly!


I would like to buy a second WHR-HP-G54 in order to get more range of access. Need help to confirm my plans would work and exactly how to set this up.


Location A: my Comcast cable entry point, my Motorola cable modem (SBV5250) connected to my current WHR-HP-G54, and my Windows XP primary working location with Cat5 connection to the WHR-P-G54 and the Motorola cable modem. Downstairs lower corner of basement is the physical location in my home for location A.


Location B: is a second computer (Vista). Location B is connected to Location A via Cat 5 cable. Right now this Cat5 cable is connecting the computer at location B to the WHR-HP-G54. Location is upstairs at opposite corner of the house from Location A (about 100 feet distance on the Cat5 cable).


I also tend to roam around the house with a laptop and access web via wireless connection to the WHR-HP-G54 at Location A. Problem is I get very good wireless connection downstairs level, but not very good wireless connection upstairs.


Since I happen to have the Cat 5 cable connection between Location A and Location B, I was thinking I could add a second WHR-HP-G54 at location B. Then I would have the two WHR-HP-G54's connected via the existing Cat5 connection (about 100 feet by the way between two levels/two locations). Both I would hope would then each provide wireless coverage.


Benefit would be now have a second WHR-HP-G54 at the upstairs location B giving me much better wireless connection upstairs. I assume my Vista workstation at location B would then just Cat5 cable to the now added WHR-HP-G54 (no sense making that one a wireless connection).


Thanks in advance for any guidance you can provide,



: Re: Two whr-hp-g54, how to connect
: PCPiranha June 06, 2009, 05:29:19 PM

Setting up WDS bridging

Physical Setup

Router IP(default):
Bridge IP(common default):

username: root
default password: <leave blank>

Device Config


: Re: Two whr-hp-g54, how to connect
: JonnyG June 06, 2009, 11:14:43 PM

Thanks for the detailed instructions!


And just to confirm, in this configuration both WHR-HP-G54's will be functioning as wireless access points. I know "access point" may not be the correct term, but what I am trying to confirm is that in this configuration:


#1 WHR-HP-G54 which is in the lower building level and connected to the cable modem will provide for good wireless web access in the lower level




#2 WHR-HP-G54 which is in the upstairs level of the building will provide good wireless access in the upstairs level of the building. And a key point is that the #2 WHR-HP-G54 which is upstairs is connected via Ethernet to the #1 WHR-HP-G54 which is in the lower level


Again thank you 

: Re: Two whr-hp-g54, how to connect
: PCPiranha June 08, 2009, 01:58:03 PM
Yes, that should be fine
: Re: Two whr-hp-g54, how to connect
: JonnyG June 08, 2009, 08:21:00 PM

One more question on this if you don't mind.


Will the connection speed be reduced for the Location #2 WHR-HP-G54?


The config would be:


Cable Modem Ethernet cable to Location #1 WHR-HP-G54. Then Location #1 WHR-HP-G54 is actually Ethernet cabled to Location #2 WHR-HP-G54 (due to existing wire availability). So will a desktop PC Ethernet connected to Location #2 WHR-HP-G54 suffer any reduction in speed given its going through two WHR-HP-G54's all connected via Ethernet?


Thanks again for you patience  

: Re: Two whr-hp-g54, how to connect
: PCPiranha June 08, 2009, 08:47:03 PM

Sorry i misunderstood what you were talking about with your network setup.  You can just configure these both as access points for that.  Then link them together through the LAN ports.


And to answer your question not really, there will be a slight latency increase of maybe half a millisecond, but that's about it

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