Author Topic: 1Tb drive-station suddenly wont work at all.  (Read 908 times)


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1Tb drive-station suddenly wont work at all.
« on: March 03, 2012, 02:54:50 am »

Hi guys im new to the board so be gentle :P

So i have a 1 tb drive station HD-LBU2 Series

and i must say, its amazing, untill today.

I have had it since december 2010 and it still is in warranty, from australia*

And it has been working great but today, i was watching a UFC fight i pvr-ed from my tv, And after i had watched it i turned the tv off. and the hard drive auto shut off as usual.    But an hour after it was off i had to move the ac plug to make room for my laptop charger, I moved the plug behind my tv and pluged it in, And nothing.          Its as useless as a brick right now.       All it does is make a very feint high pitch noise. like its on which seems normal. but when i plug it in it usually fires up a bright green led for 5 seconds.    now when plugged in all i get is a very fadded green light for 1 second, or it just flashes green.
Does anybody have an idea or help me with?
nothing reconigses it at alland i need it to work it has over 500 gig of personal data and all of my photos on it.

The noise make it seem like it works.