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Array rebuild
« on: January 24, 2012, 05:03:38 pm »

I have a Buffalo Terastation Pro Model TSH0.0TGL-R5 

Model Name
Firmware Version
1.33 (I know, its old)
It has a failure on drive 2.  I can't find that exact Seagate drive anymore. I got one that is the same size and speed but the model is different from the others, and the internal buffer is larger. Seagate no longer sells that particular drive.. Can I rebiuild the array? It does not allow me to push that button when I swap the drive. I am allowing it to attempt to rebuild with the failed drive again (it takes 12 hours or so) but it will fail. 
My question is: does it have to be the same exact model of hard drive?   Whats the best procedure for restructing either way?
ps. I have the data backed up on some tapes and can even copy it off in degraded mode again but would like to avoid the downtime of restoring it if possible.