Author Topic: What is the procedure to rebuild a HS-DHTGL/R5 from scratch with new drives?  (Read 875 times)


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I purchased a used HS-DHTGL/R5 with no drives because I suspected mine had failed hardware.  Mine appears to be fine so now I want to get four drives and build out the "new" one.


I assume any SATA 500G drives should work as long as they are all the same type. I'm looking to use (HDS721050CLA362) HITACHI 500 GIG 7200 RPM SATA drives.


Here's what I'm expecting the steps to be.


Follow the TFTP boot procedure to get the NAS booted.


Once up I will format each drive and then build the raid volume.


Let me know if there are any other steps.  I have a Linux box so I could format with XFS before installing the drives if needed.