Author Topic: Installing 500GB External HD  (Read 2506 times)


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Installing 500GB External HD
« on: January 06, 2009, 01:10:13 pm »

This is Christoph Myers of New Berlin.  Before Christmas, my Dad gave me this External HD to use for school.  When I plugged it into my computer and turned it on everything said it was Ready to Use, but when I went into my Computer, there was no external drive.  I am installing it manually now, but I don't know your companies acronym under the device list.  It doesn't say Buffalotech, but there is a BTC acronym, and a device name of BTC Composite Device under BTC.  Every time I try to go to the next step, it tells me if the driver isn't compatible with my system, it could cause my system to not respond.

I need to know if that driver will do that because the device currently tries to screw up my computer by say Unknown device not responding. E-mail me at my road runner address as soon as you get this message because I've been on the phone for hours with your tech support, which still hasn't responded.


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Re: Installing 500GB External HD
« Reply #1 on: January 07, 2009, 11:42:22 am »
   What OS are you using? XP and vista have the generic drivers built into the OS so you shouldnt have do any  "installation" per say. You should just connect, wait a minute for Windows to allocate the drivers and work away.
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