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Brand new drive in EM Mode
« on: August 17, 2011, 04:38:25 am »



I've got a new LS-GL-EM78C? to compliment my old LS-GL. However when I load it up in the NASNavigator2 it says it's in EM Mode and selecting it I get this message:


information:The EM mode was detected. Update firmware or contact your local technical support. (2011/08/17 10:30:39)?


However when I try to update the firmware I get:


Couldn't confirm a response from LS-GL-EM78C

please check a network address of both PC and LS-GL-EM78C

Please disable the Firewall function if it's working on PC.

Updating is aborted


Even with the firewall disabled, and running as Administrator and with the Force Update mentioned here


I've tried turning the NAS off, holding in the reset button and turning it on. Restarting it several times, and telling it to change the IP via NasNavigator. I also cannot access it via the web interface.


I'm on Windows 7.


What else can I try?