Author Topic: 1.52 Firmware for Terastation 3?  (Read 1512 times)


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1.52 Firmware for Terastation 3?
« on: May 20, 2011, 02:04:02 pm »

I noticed a 1.52 firmware is available on the download section for the Terastation 3.   But, there isnt a change log or release notes. 


Anyone know what this fixes?  I was hoping for 3 TB support on external USB drives.





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Re: 1.52 Firmware for Terastation 3?
« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2011, 11:45:39 am »

There is no change log yet so I do not know the changes either. I have told my supervisor about the issue.


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Re: 1.52 Firmware for Terastation 3?
« Reply #2 on: May 23, 2011, 02:31:41 pm »

* Ver.1.52 [2011.5.18]

= Bug Fix

- Fixed the problem that updating firmware Ver1.51 for TS-XL and TS-RXL occasionally failed.

  When failing the update, E14(*1) is displayed.

  To solve the problem, update it to Ver1.52.

  *1: The message "RAID Array1 E14 Can't Mount" or "RAID Array2 E14 Can't Mount" is displayed. 



* Ver.1.51 [2011.4.21]

= Added and modified features

- added the online update feature.

  Now be able to check the newest firmware and run the firmware's update on Web Configuration

  Screen while the TeraStation can be connected to the internet.

- Added Eye-Fi feature.

  Now be able to transfer pictures to the TeraStation via the Internet took on the digital camera

  in which an Eye-Fi card manufactured was inserted.

- French, German and Chinese is now supported on the virus check configuration screen.

- Modified to display the error code E30 when a drive malfunctions. 

  Modified only to display E30 when a drive malfunctions from this version while multiple error codes

  (E13, 15 and 23) was displayed traditionally.

- Now displayed errors (Exx) and status (lxx) occurring on the TeraStation on the Web Configuration



= Bug Fix

[Virus check feature]

- Fixed the problem that the activation was failed even though the accurate serial number was

   entered from the [Management]-[Product License] on the Virus Check Configuration Screen

  on the virus check feature.

- Fixed the problem that the message " File delete or move event detected!"

  on the system log on every 5 minutes when the virus check feature was enabled.

- Modified to output the correct host name because "localhost.localdomain" was displayed as

  a host name in the log of the virus check feature on the system log when virus check feature

  was enabled.



- Modified to compete with the vulnerability when FTP feature is enabled. 

  Fixed the problem that after a text file was append-sent with FTP feature, the files put-sent after that were also appended. 



- Fixed the problem that the replication was aborted on 1st of every month on 2:15 when configuring

  the replication. 


[Web Configuration Screen]

- Fix the problem that all displayed in English even though the displayed language was set to Italian on

   the Web Configuration Screen.

- Fixed the problem that a user which contains a character "$" in a user name could not be added

  as a group member. 

- Fixed the problem that multiple users simultaneously logged in to the Web Configuration Screen and

  changing a user's own password was failed. 


[Web Access]

- Fixed the problem that files with more than 500 Kbyte could not be downloaded on the Web Access

  using Windows Internet Explorer.



- Fixed the problem that the values set on BitTorrent Download manage was set back to default

  values when the TeraStation was rebooted.



- Fixed the problem that when the TeraStation was booted or the array was degraded

  or corrupted in the early morning of once a month on the environment that a spare drive is configured on the TS-XEL model.

- Fixed the problem that pressing the function button while the TeraStation was booted in EM mode

  and a USB drive is connected deleted the data on next time the TeraStation was booted.

- Fixed the problem that the system was not booted on the time as set on the timer feature

  if the time zone setting was other than "(UTC+09:00)". 

- Fixed the problem that the TeraStation was happened to be booted in EM mode when many   (approximately 1.5 million) file folders exist in shallow level in one shared folder.

- Now automatically repaired when the TeraStation was booted if the drive structure file

  in the system was corrupted due to such as the sudden power outage. Traditionally data

  was possibly deleted when the drive structure file was corrupted.

- Fixed the problem the TeraStation could not be booted when the system was corrupted.

- Modified the expression in the notified mail when the Read error occurred on a drive which was

  not used in the array (a drive in the normal mode) or a USB drive.

- Fixed the problem that drive's Write error mail was sent when removing the drive.

- Fixed the problem that the message "Could not confirm the firmware of the TeraStation was

   overwritten." was displayed when updating the firmware. 

- Fixed the problem that I11 would not be released just when the drive I11 was occurred was replaced.

- Fixed the problem that I12 was displayed while the array was not built.

- Fixed the problem that I11 was disappeared when rebooting the system on the environment that

  I11 was displayed.

PM me for TFTP / Boot Images / Recovery files  LSRecovery.exe file.