Author Topic: Amber Light Flashing, unable to do anything with my @#$%^& cloudstor 1 TB  (Read 739 times)


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I followed the $%^&*( instructions to install this 1TB Cloudstor unit.  It just doesn't work.  I seem to go around and aorund trying to get this thing to recognize me, turn on or even work.  The NAS software doesn't do anything...  If I can't make this thing work by this evening I will return it  and write it off as another piece of cake made from foreign parts... there should be A PHONE NUMBER FOR TECH SUPPORT WITH AN ENGLISH VOICE AT THE OTHER END!!!


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don't know where you purchased your product, but product purchased in the USA has 24/7/365 phone support at 866-752-6210 (phone number on the box), and the phone is answered by English speaking techs, just outside of Chicago, ILL