Author Topic: LS-CHT1.0T User access rights over Windows 7 suddently stop to work  (Read 941 times)


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Model: LS-CHL1.0T;
Firmware: 1.41
Computer: Windows 7 x64 Business Edition OEM; Amd Phenom II X4 940; 8GB DDR2; SSD 128GB; and more.
Other Info: UAC is disable over Windows.

I've install all the software comes with the drives installed two weeks ago. I've making some backup with the program included in the bundle, but updated with the latest V12 received from the company. I'Ve experience issue with the software, so i've try another one.

I've install SmartBackup 3.0; wich i configure an mirror backup; when it ask for the drive destination; i've click on the mapped drive on Windows; and it gives me an error about the rights.

It says "You must had autorisation to create the folder".

I can access the drive over windows, but not modify anything on it. I can't create a folder, not delete anything. But it has worked before. It has stopped to work suddently.

How can i resolve that issue with the mapped drive installed in windows 7?

Thanks a lot.


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So you are saying that even though you were able to access the mapped drive before all the sudden you cannot send files to it or see any files? Are access restrictions enabled? Did you tell Windows to remember your credentials? If so you could try resetting the unit through interface. Go to system, restore and choose restore linkstation.


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I Finnally found the issue.

It was the drive lost my settings for the access and restrictions for the user. It has reset my rights to "read only". Verry Strange!..


Thanks for the reply!