Author Topic: HD-RQS2TSU2 / R5 Drive station Flashing Red light #4 USB Esata Rackmout  (Read 921 times)


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I have USB and Esata connection so no web interface.

The soft ware with unit is raid setup utility.

I see no other software.

The drive is seen in windows ,

Anyways I see no diagnostic utility so I post here. The Red light is flashing on #4 (rebuild I guess)

When I run raid setup utility (because its the only thing given) and I hit information it says rebuilding disk 4 50% it said 52% and 5 hours later %50 again.

Checked again now %50.

When I explore to drive I can see it, but it appears "some" contents are missing, or at least "corrupt". 

I try to run disk check in windows but after a minute or 2 it says can not run...

So is drive failed? If failed why does it say rebuilding? Why stuck at %50? Is there a utility that checks the drive?

Since I only have USB is there a Linux kernel? How do I see that? If not how do I see firmware?


Need some more software or help...