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I have a terrastation that is raided for 500gb. 


I am mostly accessing it via a windows vista machine. Things were good up until recently. 


Now, when I right click on a file on the terrastation, things hang. when I try to delete files, things hang. 


I ran a disk check on it via the web interface and it seems OK. 

I have a LOT of stuff in the trashbox. I tried deleting things from the trashbox and things are getting weird.



  1. When I tried highlighting all the folders and files in the trashbox and deletiing them, Windows explorer seemed to hang
  2. I did restart the unit wondering if that was a problem. 
  3. I tried deleting everything in one folder using a command (dos) window. That didn't work. 
  4. I am noticing a lot of files in the one folder which look like "Copy #nnnn of filename".. There are about 6000 of these 64kb files. 
  5. I  did turn off the trashbox in the web interface
My questions
  1. any idea as to what is causing the Copy #nnnn files to propogate like bunnies on aphrodisiacs??
  2. How can I empty the trashbox? Do I just need to be more patient?
  3. Would a stuffed trashbox slow down the linkstation?
  4. One other thing, Previously, when I right clicked on a file on the linkstation, I would get a Windows "There could be a security risk, do you want to proceed?"  It seemed that windows didn't trust the linkstation. Now, I am not seeing that message when I right click but things are really slow. 



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Re: Linkstation getting slow.. Trashbox stuffed... lots of copy of #nnnn
« Reply #1 on: October 16, 2010, 01:33:01 am »

Just a hunch....


Is it possible you have a virus on your computer that is creating a bunch of files on your mapped share?  SOMETHING is creating all those files, and it's probably not the NAS.  That could also be your culprit for the slowdown.


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Re: Linkstation getting slow.. Trashbox stuffed... lots of copy of #nnnn
« Reply #2 on: October 16, 2010, 10:55:42 am »

Some new info. 


I tried accessing from another machine, an older machine running XP and things seemed a lot faster. 


As far as the virus, I keep things pretty tight on that machine (ie, program control, av, etc). It doesn't appear to be showing signs of a virus otherwise. 



One thing I will try later on is to connect the laptop via ethernet vice the wireless connection it is usually on.. Perhaps something is screwy there. 


As far as the generation of tmp files, it appeared to be something that happened when I was trying to delete files from the trashbox using dos under a command prompt. 



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Re: Linkstation getting slow.. Trashbox stuffed... lots of copy of #nnnn
« Reply #3 on: October 19, 2010, 08:02:26 am »



I finally figured it out.. There was something wrong with my internal network, either a bad switch or a bad ethernet cable. 


The old configuration was


Verizon router  - 20' ethernet - 5 port switch - 20 ' ethernet - 5 port switch - 10' ethernet - 4 port switch/printserver - 5' ribbon ethernet - Linkstation.



Nothing to go wrong there huh??


I reconfigured as 


Verizon Router - 20' ethernet - Linkstation


Speeds were about 30kbs, The first copy I did after the reconfigure was 1.4mbs



So, the problem was not in the linkstation, nor was it my laptop. The issue was a problem with the network. 



One of the clues was that the diagnostics on my verizon router was showing an occasional 25 percent loss during a ping. However, the linkstation was not reporting bad packets. Not sure about why that was but the end result works for me. 






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Re: Linkstation getting slow.. Trashbox stuffed... lots of copy of #nnnn
« Reply #4 on: March 17, 2011, 11:18:53 pm »

I'm having the same issue and it's not the network connection.

I've read all the threads and all the posts about the trashbox and I have yet to see an actual answer for how to delete the contents in the trashbox in a timely manner. I have 300GB in the trashbox and when I try to delete the files  the system calculates the time and it continually rises.

Last time I tried, it said 287 DAYS!


The recycle bin has been disabled under the Shared Folders menu, my connection speed is very fast through the 100Mbps Full Duplex.


The question remains, how can I delete the contents of the trashbox in a timely manner?

Does Buffalo have a solution or not?




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