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Linkstation in Linux
« on: September 28, 2010, 01:21:40 am »


I am having a number of problems accessing LinkStations with Linux.

I have two linkstations (LS-CH1.0TL and LS-W2.0TGL), and I use Ubuntu (both 9 and 10) on my desktop.


Two issues, one small, one large:


small:  I really (really) want the wake-up software to work with Linux.  I can craft a work-around, but it would be VERY nice to have an applet that the inet deamon can call when a drive is mounted.  I rarely have all the drives mounted, so turning them off is a "good thing".


large:  There seems to be a bug in the samba protocol.  The LinkStation will "forget" to announce its share points, and I have to disconnect and reconnect the drive (logically) to get them to re-appear.  That is, I can see the drive, but samba reports "no shares".  If I unmount an existing share, then they all show back up.  Usually; sometimes it takes several tries to a known share to see the other shares.