Author Topic: Linkstation Pro Duo stuck during RAID check  (Read 1678 times)


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Linkstation Pro Duo stuck during RAID check
« on: July 27, 2010, 05:05:36 am »

Hi everybody,


I own a Linkstation Pro Duo 2 TB NAS which I've been using for probably a year now without any problems.


Lately, I've experienced temporary lockups from time to time : the NAS being unavailable through either SMB, Apple Talk or HTTP, but still responding to PING. For some reason waiting a little (like 1/4 hour ) would solve the issue.


Now yesterday I had some urging stuff to do and decided to manually reboot the linkstation to restore the services, that worked fine the first time but eventually the LS locked up again later, so I've been doing that a couple of times before the actual state.


I've now noticed that the LS was in RAID check mode, with the I17 information orange led blinking (1long and 7 short). I guess that's normal given the system has been hard rebooted so I've took a peek to the admin panel and indeed could see the RAID check was somewhere around 1 %, with a 300 min+ estimated check time.


Now to the difficult part : For some reason the lockup seems worse than before : I can access the admin panel through HTTP, I can even browse the top of the shared folder using both SMB and Apple talk, but any attempt to read a file or enter a folder causes one of the lockups described earlier (only the PING will answer for several minutes) causing my file systems (both MacOSX and Windows) to dismount the remote volume, hence preventing me of any way of accessing the files.


I have since been monitoring the estimated end of the RAID check, hopping it would solve my problem but it now seems locked at 15.7 % (for over 15 hours now) with an estimated time at 2000.0 minutes.


This looks a lot like some sort of disk failure or error check, but the system just seems to loop without issuing any error, just endlessly checking without even allowing me to access the files on it.


I don't know whether I should reboot again the LS, maybe disconnect it from the network to ensure it has full clearance on the files to check the disk integrity. I've already been waiting for so long for those 15.7 %, I'd like not do it all over again...


Any thoughts on your side ?


Best regards,




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Re: Linkstation Pro Duo stuck during RAID check
« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2010, 09:13:25 am »

Well, it turns out after the following reboot that the drive info changed to E13 (1 long3 shorts) : the RAID array was broken and I had to change HDD1.


My only surprise was that the linkstation changed IP to which is the EM mode default IP . It didn't however show anywhere that it was running in an other mode than normal, just the changed IP and language reversed to Japanese.

After setting it back to it's former IP, changing back the language to English and replacing the faulty drive everything is back and the Nas is online again.

Took a little over 5 hours to rebuild the 700+ Gb on it.


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Re: Linkstation Pro Duo stuck during RAID check
« Reply #2 on: August 06, 2010, 03:26:50 pm »

My apologies on the lack of response however it is good that it came down to only one of the HDDs being bad (as opposed to both or the system board).  I will be posting another FAQ covering error codes for these devices and the best ways to go about fixing them soon for future reference.  Again, my sincerest apologies that we couldn't get to your post as quickly as we should have.