Author Topic: copying Linkstation to Linkstatrion  (Read 1104 times)


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copying Linkstation to Linkstatrion
« on: November 05, 2011, 07:07:09 pm »


I have old LS-CHL86C?    CH1.0TL-V2 and new LS-VL607?  LS-V2.0TL.  I want to move some over 400 GB data to new one  LS-VL607?  LS-V2.0TL?.

Both are connected to wireless buffelo gigabit router WHR-HP-G300N  ?


What is the best way to copy/move the data from old to new ?  My guess is ity would be **bleep** slow on wireless.  Do you have any internal app that can do?





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Re: copying Linkstation to Linkstatrion
« Reply #1 on: November 06, 2011, 06:44:31 am »

Read page 77 onwards of the following manual:


FYI: The WHR-HP-G300N is NOT a gigabit router!

PM me for TFTP / Boot Images / Recovery files  LSRecovery.exe file.


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Re: copying Linkstation to Linkstatrion
« Reply #2 on: November 07, 2011, 11:31:06 am »


I work for Buffalo Technology and can provide some suggestions.


There are various ways to accomplish this, but either way, the data will have to be moved from the LS-CHL to the LS-VL.


The LS-CHL is considerably slower than the LS-VL, so I would plan quite some time to get this accomplished (over night, etc.).  Furthermore, the WHR-HP-G300N only has a 10/100 switch on it, so this can take a long time.  Do you have access to a Gigabit switch for this process?


For the sake of simplicity, I'd recommend doing the following:


Use a PC that is wired into the WHR-HP-G300N to transfer the files (this PC must remain on the entire time; I'd avoid doing anything more than web browsing, email, etc while the transfer happen in the background (e.g. don't install new software, play any intensive online games, reboot the system, etc.).


1. Create the same shares on the LS-VL and already exist on the LS-CHL

2. Using your PC, access the LS-CHL's first share and the LS-VL's matching share (you'll have two windows open on your screen).

3. Copy all of those files by dragging all of the contents of the share from CHL to VL.  (You must go into the share and select all files/folder, you cannot copy just the share).

4. Once done, move to the next share


Given the 10/100 network condition, you can expect to transfer data at around 8-10 MB/s.  400 GB is 409,600 MB.  So roughly 750 minutes to complete the job (13 hours or so).  This is if you don't waste any down time during the copying of shares and that the files are reasonably sized (many small files will slow it down).


Of course you can improve your transfer time be at least 2-3x by using a Gigabit switch.


There are other methods including using a USB drive or setting up LS to LS Backup, but the above method is in my opinion, the easiest and most fool-proof.  If you get transfer errors somehow, you can restart at the share and/or examine which file gave a problem and manually handle it.


Being that I work for Buffalo, I recycle my TeraStation into a newer model about once a year, I have just about 1500 GB on my home unit.  Most is digital photos and video so I usually just do the one large share over a night (I have Gigabit of course).


Good luck,