Author Topic: Letting the LS-WX2.0TL/R1 work with pre-determined FTP ports?  (Read 958 times)


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Letting the LS-WX2.0TL/R1 work with pre-determined FTP ports?
« on: February 26, 2011, 04:18:50 am »

Good Morning,


In December 2010 i bought the Buffalo Linkstation LS-WX2.0TL/R1 system that I connected to my home network so I could use it as filesharing drive at home, works perfectly with all kind of my equipment like PS3, Phillips television with DLNA support, all wireless laptops and all wired computers.(macs and windows)


Now since I am a very happy user I also liked to try the opportunity to use the NAS outside my network with webacces and FTP. I got the webacces working properly but wasn't really happy with the loading time of it. So now im trying to get the FTP working. In the forum I found the following post:

Like I already said I'm basically trying to do the same here with my LS-WX2.0TL/R1 only thing is that I don't want to take away the NAS from the firewall.
I'm using a Sitecom Gaming Router II generation, where I already set the virtual server and the port forwarding from the ftp port 20 and 21.

From what I've read online is that the ftp used can be passive and active where both returns two random ports that are "probably" closed down by the router by default. The thing I couldn't find out is if there is anyway of setting the NAS to only use two pre-determined return ports that I can set in an configuration file or something, so I only need to forward these two ports in my router.   


Also the FTP works fine inside the localnetwork already.


I hope someone can help me out with this or give me a simple answer if it can work like this at all.


Thanks in advance,


ps: info about active and passive ftp is explained here: