Author Topic: Having problem downloading TurboUSB from the website (Invalid serial number)  (Read 2270 times)


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Hi guys,

I just purchased a Ministation HD-PF250U2. After formatting it from NTFS to FAT32, I lost all the software including TurboUSB. I tried to download it from buffalo website but when I entered my HDD's serial number which I copied from the sticker at the back of my HDD, It kept saying that I entered an invalid serial number and wont allow me to download. My serial number begins with 455*********** , containing 15 digits. Anyone knows how to solve this problem or anyone can upload me the TurboUSB software I would really appreciate. Thank you.


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   Get in touch with your regional support team ans im sure they can e-mail you a copy.
PM me for TFTP / Boot Images / Recovery files  LSRecovery.exe file.