Author Topic: Web Access disabled for inactivity?  (Read 1206 times)


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Web Access disabled for inactivity?
« on: January 14, 2010, 08:33:42 pm »

I have a linkstation that i regularly use web access with. Today I noticed the message stating that beginning 1/12/2010 if your linkstation has been inactive for 60 days or more web access may be disabled. Sure enough i was not able to access my shares via the GUI. There was no info on how to re-enable the web access. My linkstation has not been offline for close to a year.

Any info on this from other users?


Model HS-DH320GL

Firmware 2.11


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Re: Web Access disabled for inactivity?
« Reply #1 on: January 15, 2010, 04:49:47 am »

You just have to set it back up in the Web Admin.


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Re: Web Access disabled for inactivity?
« Reply #2 on: January 15, 2010, 04:54:47 am »

Setting up web access:


Login to the web configuration page of the LinkStation Live (type in the IP address in a web browser). Once the LinkStation Live is running firmware 2.03 or better there will be a 'Web Access' tab on the lefthand side of Web configuration page. Click on 'Web Access'->'Service Setup'. There are 8 options on this page.

Web Access Service
HTTPS/SSL Encryption
Use Name Key
DNS Hostname
Auto-Configure Firewall (UPnP)
External Port

Web Access Service needs to be set to 'enable'. HTTPS/SSL Encryption can be set to enable, or disable. If it is set to enable the connection will be slower, but it will be more secure. Use should also be set to enable. You will then enter something of your choosing for Name, and Key. DNS Hostname will be grayed out. Auto-Configure Firewall (UPnP) should be set to enable and External Port will be set to disable. Now click apply.

If you get an error message about UPnP you will have to set it to disable and manually setup port forwarding on your router. When Auto-Configure Firewall (UPnP) is set to disable, External Port is enable, and is recommended to be set to 9000. Click Apply again.

Keep in mind, you cannot use Admin as a username to login to Web Access. This is a security feature. You'll need to create a username on your linkstation before being able to use the web access feature. This can be done on the User Management link on the Web Configuration. Just click Add User.

You may also need to enable your folders to be visible in Web Access. This is done in the Web Access -> Folders Setup link. Click on the folder you'd like to allow for Web Access, and there will be a drop down menu. Change it from disable to Allow All Groups/Users. This allows only the username you've added to access the files. You can also set it on Allow Anonymous if you'd like anyone to be able to access it, or if you've turned on Access Restrictions on that folder, you can set it to Inherit Permissions.

Now you can goto and enter your LinkStation's Web Access Name.