Author Topic: MiniStation™ Extreme NFC - HD-PZN1.0U3B requires software update to work in Mac  (Read 89 times)


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I haven't found any posts resolving this issue, but free feel to link if it already has.
Product: MiniStation™ Extreme NFC - HD-PZN1.0U3B
Operating System: macOS Big Sur 11.1

I have recently updated my mac to Big Sur, and the hard drive no longer works.
When I plug it into my mac, the mac registers the hard drive as "USB External Physical Volume • MS-DOS (FAT32)".
Then, when I try to unlock it with password(Screenshot 1), it tells me that the decryption software OPEN_HS_MAC is out of date(Screenshot 2).
It tells me to contact the developer of the app(Screenshot 2).

Anyone know what I'm supposed to do? The data in the hard drive is really important. Thank you in advance

Screenshot 1:
Screenshot 2:

Edit: The NAS Navigator2 software from the App Store does not work either for macOS Big Sur 11.1, as it cannot detect any external drives
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