Author Topic: TS-1.0TGL/R5 in EM, firmware update failed!  (Read 2620 times)


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TS-1.0TGL/R5 in EM, firmware update failed!
« on: February 16, 2012, 07:52:45 am »

Hi all,


Im new to this board here.

An office that I work for have a TS-1.0TGL/R5 (with 4x500GB WD Caviar Green hard drives, not sure how they are configed) that is in EM mode.


I try to update the firmware ( with or without the drives without success with msg


The script occurs error: 0x100

Script: md0_format

And then


"Firmware Partition has some errors. Complete format cures the partition, however All data including share folders are deleted. Will you perform complete format?"


I try to plug one blank hard drive, and say yes but still

It says:

Failed format: 0x100

Script: Create raid

Firmware update is canceled


Does any of you guy have this problem before and know how to solve it, pls help




Can I plug the hard drive to my PC, and in someway, see/recover the data (with eg FreeNAS, but preferably some Windows prog, I have Raid Recovery but not sure how to use it)






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Re: TS-1.0TGL/R5 in EM, firmware update failed!
« Reply #1 on: February 18, 2012, 09:11:57 am »

Bump, pls help!


I tried "DiskInternals Raid Recovery" and "Run UFS Explorer Pro" both failed

Inside "Run UFS Explorer Pro", 4 drives all showed as Unknown partition