Author Topic: Help! Deleted files keep coming back!  (Read 160 times)


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Help! Deleted files keep coming back!
« on: September 11, 2020, 09:29:20 pm »
Help! I am trying to delete files in the trashbox but they keep coming back!

I have a 4 tb Linkstation LS210D bought a month or so ago. I am using it with my MacBook Pro and have all my files from that and two external drives on it.

I am connecting with both SMB and AFP. I am using FreeFileSync to sync files.

The files in question are what’s in the package for an Apple Photos photolibrary. I am using OSX 10.15.6, Photos vers 5.0.

What I’m seeing are an endless list of files with titles like this: Copy #293 of PGCurationCache.sqlite.sqlite-journal
They are in the “graph” folder which is in the cache folder which is in the folder. That is in the folder. Above that is the private folder. Above that is the package that all these folders and files are in.

No other files exist in the trash or in the Apple Photos package.

At one point I turned off AFP because it was taking forever to delete the contents of that package. I turned it back on thinking that perhaps since it was created with it on, I should leave it on. I do not use the Linkstation for timecapsule backups any more and will probably leave it off since SMB seems to be a better way to go.

I would appreciate any help on this and will try to provide whatever additional info may be helpful.