Author Topic: Open VPN to Tera Station Only works when someone in the office is connected  (Read 522 times)


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We are using openVPN to remote into the Tera stations. Works great UNTIL  Evening when everyone logs out and goes home. The remote access seems to only work as long as someone in the office is connected to and working on the tera station.

I can ping the Tera station IP but not not access the navigator via the internet either...only when someone is in the office access the tera

Thank you

Any One seen this before?  The shared drives have the user with read and write permissions and the group as well.


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Disclaimer: i don't do much with the stock firmware on these devices and have never used the features I'm referring to.

That said I have a plausible idea of what could be going on.

It sounds like you're using the power saving/sleep features of the device. My understanding of how this works is that at a certain time (or when no one is connected) the device goes into a low power mode and waits for a signal to wake up (WOL packet or similar), I believe these are handled by NasNavigator (or whatever the Buffalo tool for this model is). I'm guessing the special packets used here (UDP broadcast I assume) aren't going through your VPN tunnel and as such aren't reaching the device.

The easiest fix would be to just disable power saving/sleep on the device.

It does seem possible for WOL packets to go through a vpn:

It might be NasNavigator is just failing to discover it, presumably because it's discovery packets are being blocked rather than the WOL packets. In that case you might have better luck with a generic WOL tool.


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I have checked and power features are disabled.  It stops being accessible the minute the last local user signs out. Even access over a web browser quits allowing me to log in .  I can see no reason. I made an adjustment to the logs to store to a local file so I can c heck those. I'm going to update the FW.


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What Terastation?
PM me for TFTP / Boot Images / Recovery files  LSRecovery.exe file.