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LS-XH1.0TL Linkstation Pro - CD Files/Software
« on: July 27, 2020, 01:33:18 pm »

So purchased new computer and no  longer have the CD that came with my old Buffalo Linkstation pro LS-XH1.0TL. Looks like i need the old NAS Navigation tool.  Went to the buffalo support page and download the NAS Navigator 2 which seems to be a newer version than what i was provided almost 10 years with my model. I have the Linkstation plugged directly into the router/modem but the NAS Navigator 2 doesn't locate any Buffalo devices on the network.  I thought there was one other basic software tool that was on the CD that came with the device but cannot remember on the NAS Nav 2 under menu "Map SHare" is grayed out?

I have AT&T internet and they have the handy device manage so i know the IP address to the Linkstation but when i type into a browser it says cannot reach device.

Anyone have the old NAS Navigation exe?

LS-XH1.0TL Linkstation Pro - CD Files/Software


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Re: LS-XH1.0TL Linkstation Pro - CD Files/Software
« Reply #1 on: July 27, 2020, 02:49:29 pm »
The fact that your router sees the device rules out a bunch of things. Most of the time if the device manages to start its network it also starts the services that allow it to be discovered by Buffalo's tools. The fact that the web interface isn't showing up would indicate that there's an issue with the device or some network issue preventing you form getting to it.

The communication protocol used by NasNavigator/Lsupdater/etc hasn't really changed over the years. Folks use the current version with even older devices, so i don't think that's the actual issue.

Some network configurations can block this communication but it is uncommon. Specifically, they communicate using UDP broadcast packets. One thing to check is whether the firewall on your PC is stopping NasNavigator from sending those packets. It is also possible that your router does not forward those packets for some reason. "Mesh" networks typically don't forward them from one access point to another, they also typically aren't forwarded across VLANs. Some wireless routers have options to isolate wireless clients from each other which would also block that type of packet.