Author Topic: LS-WXL1FE reinstall, can access control panel, but not files  (Read 738 times)


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Hi Folks,
I am kind of desperate, my webserver screwed the pooch and all my backups are on this old linkstation.
I downloaded and installed the setup files (I lost the CD), and did a firmware update.

But when I click the NASNaviInst.exe to access the files it doesnt load, and I cant see anything in my windows file manager either.

I would greatly appreciate any help you can provide.

Screen caps of my control panel[

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Re: LS-WXL1FE reinstall, can access control panel, but not files
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Hi, similar issue. reset windows 10 and now NAS navigator can see linkstation but I cannot access any files through windows and linkstation only shows as twonky server. Other devices attached to network can access and I  can manage files through my phone. Am at a complete loss having tried every fix I could find on the internet. Am now at the point where I'm think I'm probably making things worse. In a hole, so have stopped digging!