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Log files show as aliases in AFP share
« on: July 16, 2020, 11:21:53 am »
I have "Store Files Locally" enabled under System > Maintenance > Syslog. I save the logs to a "logs" folder. The logs folder has Windows (SMB) and Apple (AFP) Shared Folder Support.

When I access the logs share using SMB (or NAS Navigator 2), I am able to open the files normally.

When I access the logs share using AFP (or the share auto-discovered in Finder), the log files appear as aliases (symbolic links). The aliases point to /var/log/file.smb, /var/log/linkstation.log, and /var/log/xferlog. If I click on an alias, Finder says

The operation can't be completed because the original item for "file.smb" can't be found.

It appears that there is some kind of bug in presenting the TeraStation syslog files in an Apple share. It seems as if the symlinks are relative to the TeraStation file system.

I suggest using Finder > Connect to Server and specifying the share using the SMB protocol such as
Server Address: smb://
where the IP address represents the address of your NAS,
the "Windows" option is checked under (TeraStation Web Interface) > Shared Folders > (log share) > "Shared Folder Support", and
the NAS user has permission to read the share.
This allows you to read the files. On Mac, I was able to open the log files using TextEdit.

Other details include I have the Recycle Bin Enabled on this share. There are access restrictions on this shared folder. admin has read & write permissions. My user has read permission. My NAS model is TS-WX4.0TL/R1. My firmware version is 1.73.

I posted this to explain the issue and my workaround. Also, if there is still support for this firmware, it might be worth fixing this bug.