Author Topic: Problem accessing shared linkstation folder once admin password has changed  (Read 1060 times)


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Good Morning,

I have purchased a new laptop, and a new Buffalo Linkstation LS210D (LS210DE18) Version 1.74-0.02.

I've plugged the NAS into the network and it finds it no problem, I've installed the software that came with it, and it does instantly detect the storage drive. I can then browse and it takes me right to the folder, and I can also map a drive to it, which also works.

I go into settings of the device which loads the web interface, the first page is basically change the admin password.

I do this, but as soon as I do that, I can no longer access the shared folder, or mapped drive.

I played around a bit, nothing works, I can reset to factory and again it all works fine, the second I change the admin password it doesn't work.

If I change the password back to the default admin password, it works again, so this is definitely the issue.

I tried doing the settings first, changing the admin password and then browsing the share or mapping the drive, but it won't work.

Any ideas please, I'm completely stuck.

With my laptop, it is windows 10 pro, and I sign in via fingerprint - not sure if this helps, but thought I would add it.

Thank you.