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Re: LS220 Email Notification
« Reply #15 on: April 22, 2020, 03:03:01 pm »
Great you have solved this. I also received that gmail message saying "non-secure device bla bla". I configured the 2-way thing and got an app password as per my previous message and voila!

This did not work because of a problem with MAC binding to IP address with my router.
I have a RG (Residential Gateway) for my ADSL service from AT&T. That feeds an Archer C7 router that provides wireless and wired ports. It allows binding of MAC addresses with IP addresses. As I map several drives in Windows is is very handy having them at fixed addresses.
My error was I mistook an 'B' for a '8' in the LS220's MAC. It worked if I select DHCP but not when assigned a static IP to the NAS.
Fixed this and everything seems to be working including the email notifications. gmail would not work. Got message from Google that a non-secure device had tried to access gmail. Changed to an AT&T email account and it worked.