Author Topic: Slow Read/Write speed Link Station Pro Duo  (Read 2570 times)


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Slow Read/Write speed Link Station Pro Duo
« on: March 07, 2020, 06:55:45 am »
Hello everyone,,
Link Station Pro Duo


F/W 3.08


I have recently attached one of the above to my network for storage and disk backup. I have started to move files onto it from a server.


The problem I have is that the transfer speed of these files is impractically slow, a collection of folders totally 43 Megs has taken 55 minutes!


I have changed the Ethernet Frame size settings and still no luck.


Has anyone else experienced this? At the moment the purchase is a complete waste of money, I cannot imagine how long my 20Gb disk backup may take!


I have herad rumours that the firmware could cause it. Should/can I downgrade to an older firmware?


Any help appreciated, before I put it back in its box and get my money back.


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Re: Slow Read/Write speed Link Station Pro Duo
« Reply #1 on: March 07, 2020, 09:03:21 am »
My first guess would be drives that are failing, I say something similar with someone recently and the SMART data showed a drive with lots of failing sectors. That model is > 10yrs old and may be slower than you’re expecting to begin with but that sounds excessive.


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Re: Slow Read/Write speed Link Station Pro Duo
« Reply #2 on: March 09, 2020, 05:24:59 am »
Hi Serjio

Was the unit new or s/hand, are you using it with Mac or Windows (or Linux)?

There's quite a few things you can check (put the Frame Size back to default first):

1.  How is it connected to your network?  Via a dedicated hub or via a broadband hub?  The issue could be the LAN connection and not the box or your PC.
2.  If s/hand, I would do a Disk Test and see if that reports OK.  NOTE: Set up your email notification so you get a Status report sent to you.
3.  If Mac, do you have it set for AFP or SMB?
4.  If Windows, have you enabled SMB v2 (or higher) on both the Buffalo and Windows?

I think your starting point would be to see if you can copy data at speed to another network device, ie a share on a PC, etc and see what speeds you get.  NOTE: use the same cable as you are using for the Buffalo to prove the port and cable too.  If you get decent copy speeds PC to PC (1GB LAN should get around 60-80MBs) then revisit the Buffalo, else look at where the LAN issue is.

Other things to note:
1.  LAN speeds are depending on the 'slowest' device on the LAN, ie if you have a 100MB switch between two 1GB devices, then the max speed is 100MB!
2.  The device you are copying from or to may be busy doing other tasks
3.  Speeds are very fickle as there are also file overheads, ie copying dozens of small files that take the same space as one large file will take a lot longer to copy, ie big(ger) files tend to copy faster.
4.  Make sure it is not the source that it the issue, check the PC's drive too.

Hope some of this help.

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