Author Topic: LS441DE Failure. Recovery Options?  (Read 281 times)


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LS441DE Failure. Recovery Options?
« on: February 12, 2020, 08:52:03 pm »
I have a Linkstation LS441DE with 4x 4TB WD Red WD40EFRX drives. The system is configured with RAID 10. I have it plugged into 1GB Ethernet port.

A few days ago, I power cycled the unit as part of some routine work I was doing. When it came back up, the RAID array failed and two of the drives are in a failure state.

When I first start the unit, the status light blinks white. After 30 minutes, it changes to red, flashing the error code E14 (the RAID array cannot be mounted). All four drive lights are green. The top two show drive activity. The bottom two are solid green.

I can log into the web interface. When I go into Advanced Settings, I see the following:

Array1: Failed
Disk 1: Array1 / Normal
Disk 2: Array1 / Normal
Disk 3: Failed
Disk 4: Failed

Does anyone know how I can perform any further diagnostics to determine what's wrong? I have a hard time believing I lost two hard drives at the same time. However, at this point I can't figure out the issue.

I have physically reseated all of the drives, but that did not solve the issue.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Re: LS441DE Failure. Recovery Options?
« Reply #1 on: February 13, 2020, 11:26:02 am »
From the looks of if those 2 drives are indeed out of the Raid, which does not mean though that they are broken. Never really used raid10 on one of those units but if the pairs are 1+2 and 3+4, which I would assume, the Raid 0 part is gone meaning data recovery required if there is no backup.
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