Author Topic: TS5200S0202 usb recovery stuck .. Uncompression error -- System haulted  (Read 216 times)


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starting from new drive in the system.

1.  I used TS5k_recovery_260 and created a USB Key
2.  placed USB key in USB2 port and flipped the switch on back to 'USB'
3.  Powered on Terastation (monitor and keyboard connected)
4.  screen comes up stating the following
Loading   Linux
Loading   Initial ramdisk ()  ...

Uncompression error

-- System Haulted

I have not been able to find any doc's for how to resolve this issue.   Please help.


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Re: TS5200S0202 usb recovery stuck .. Uncompression error -- System haulted
« Reply #1 on: December 24, 2019, 06:51:26 am »
Sounds like the usb is corrupt somehow. I would try writing the image to it again,
Itís possible due to some caching that it wasnít done writing the usb when you removed it which would explain what you see. You could also try a different usb disk incase there was something wrong with it. You could also re-download the image again incase something happened to your download.

If all else fails, I made a guide to making your own recovery disk. Itís mainly for the older models which buffalo doesnít provide a disk for but does work for TS5000

Iíve also created a Debian installer for these devices if that interests you: