Author Topic: LinkStation that needs updating wasn't found (There it is - right over there!)  (Read 230 times)


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I've read the firmware update guidelines and understand that both my PC - from which I am running the LSUpdater - and the LinkStation need to be on the same IP address (except for the last set of digits) and the same subnet. I have turned off the firewall, and, for good measure, my antivirus software on my Windows 10 pc. But I have been unable to get the Updater to work - it keeps telling me that "LinkStation that needs updating wasn't found". I even tried connecting the PC to the switch that connects to my Buffalo LS441DE.

Not sure this complicates things, but I have another LinkStation connected to the same network. That one doesn't seem to need updating. Both of the NAS boxes are connected and are working, but the updating just won't work... never had this problem before.

Any thoughts out there that might help?


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Is this device working already or are you trying to re-install the firmware? You make it sound like youíre trying to do more than just update the firmware (which can be done via the web interface).

If the device is not online ( in either normal or EM mode) it will not show up. It also wonít be shown if youíre using the lsupdater for a different model.