Author Topic: Symbolic Links in my LS-WXL ?  (Read 363 times)


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Symbolic Links in my LS-WXL ?
« on: November 24, 2019, 08:29:09 am »
recently I bought a new TV which is capable of DLNA.  When I tried to hook is up to my LS-WXL, (and of course enabled plus restarted the DLNA Server in the NAS) nothing showed up.  A bit of investigation learned me that the TV only finds media which is in the directory-path below the "Media" directory of the DLNA Server.  ( I am not sure that this is the norm, but that is the way it is).  So I created a Media directory, with "pictures", "music" and "video" as sub directories.  It plays/shows now anything which I put in those directories.

The trouble is that I have Gbytes of film material in other directories on the LS-WXL. E.g. in a "Films" directory.  And I am not so keen on copying this to the Media/video directory.

Is it possible at all to put symbolic links in the Media/video directory to the actual files in the "Films" directory?  And if so, how? I reckon it needs some way to get into a command prompt in the NAS - right? 

I've searched this Forum for "symbolic" but did not find appropriate information...


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Re: Symbolic Links in my LS-WXL ?
« Reply #1 on: November 24, 2019, 10:03:14 am »
I donít have any experience with dlna personally, I thought some models had dlna support but could be mis remembering. If so there may be an easier way to do what you want.

What you want to do should be possible but may require tweaking a few things.

Coincidentally, Iíve been working on updating the tool historically used for shell access on these devices to work better with more models including yours. The updated file can be found here:

To get a root shell via telnet:
Code: [Select]
java -jar acp_commander.jar -t <ip address> -pw <admin password> -o
You can then create your symlinks as desired.

They might now work at first since samba typically doesnít follow symlinks by default. If so the following may need to be added to smb.conf or passed as a parameter when starting samba:
Code: [Select]
follow symlinks = yes
These devices generate their smb.conf dynamically when samba is started. When Iíve done similar things in the past I added the desired option $SMBDOPTIONS in the startup script. Check out /etc/init.d/smb.h
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