Author Topic: TS1200D - Slows right down to a level where you cannot use  (Read 601 times)


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TS1200D - Slows right down to a level where you cannot use
« on: December 10, 2019, 05:08:05 am »
Hello Everyone,

i am new here so please go easy if im asking a silly question/question that has been covered. yes i did look first, just maybe missed it.
i have recently installed a TS1200D for a small business they have around 9 users that will use the NAS for storing there files on.
but the issue i have ran into is that after about half a day the NAS begins to go that slow they cannot access it and it takes an age to logon to the web interface and restart it. they have Gig Network and all machines are cabled not wireless.

so the drive is currently setup with 2x2TB drives with Raid 1, i have a USB drive attached to the drive as a weekly backup.
each machine that is connected to the drive is running windows 10.
the drive doesn't get battered with Huge files all day there is nothing bigger than 100MB being transfered at any one time.
all services are disabled on the nas the only thing that is setup is SMB for the file side of things.

i would appreciate and help or pointers as i have never used a Buffalo drive.

[TeraStation Information]
 TeraStation Name: Smith####
 LAN1 MAC Address: DC:FB:##:##:##:##
 Time: 2019/12/09 08:00:02
 IP Address: 192.168.#.##
 Settings: http://192.168.#.##/
 Running Time : 03:44:06

[HDD Use]
RAID Array 1 : 709768324 kbytes / 1919244492 kbytes (usage 37%) USB Disk 1 : 711218652 kbytes / 1938122612 kbytes (usage 37%)

[Disk Error Status]
 Disk    1   0
 Disk    2   0



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Re: TS1200D - Slows right down to a level where you cannot use
« Reply #1 on: December 12, 2019, 09:51:49 am »
There's -something- hammering it for sure.

Best way to see is to go to the UI, hit CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-B and get the logs.

Take a look at two of the logs there. File.smb for the file access logs, and the messages log to see errors and such.

There's probably some automated process running. This is something you might see if a malicious infection was encrypting files on smb shares it could access. I say that because you recently installed it but you may not know about their security practices. It could also be something totally harmless. The logs will definitely tell you something.

Support can review logs too.
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