Author Topic: MySQL question for Terastation TS5800D - Why can't I access phpMyAdmin ?  (Read 3161 times)


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Hi folks.

Following the web server and MySQL setup instructions at , the outcome is that I can't access phpMyAdmin to set up the user access.

Why I want to do this:
 * I use the 5800D as my home raid device.
 * I use KODI to present my stored media from the shared drive on the 5800D
 * I have several KODI driven systems in my home.
 * To simplify this, Kodi allows the use of a centralized media database using MySQL  -

So, IF my data is on the 5800D, AND the 5800D can be my MySQL database repository, THEN it would be great!   :)

What I did:
 * Following the instructions provided by Buffalo at , I ...
 * Set up the web server for internal use,
 * Set up MySQL

I verified that the required subdirectories were created.  (and I verified that I am using the latest firmware).

So...  What's the problem?

At this point of the process, I need to make a few config adds as stated at under the section "MySQL Server access".

It says:
"Navigate to  Services and click MySQL Server configuration button.
MySQL web console is available from  [phpmyadmin] button. Log in using WEB UI administrator's user name and password (admin/password)."

Well, the problem is that the [phpmyadmin] button has me go to
and my browser says "can't be reached".

Very open to any ideas on what I can do to ensure that the Terastation is doing what it should be doing.

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