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change inner hard
« on: July 26, 2019, 12:53:20 pm »
Hi there,
I have used buffalo drive-station HD-LBU3  for 8 years with USB 2 and i did not have any problems with that , 4 months ago I connected  the HD-LBU3 to USB 3 windows 10 and i realized that the HD-LBU3 disconnect and reconnect 2 or 3 times at  at the beginning of work soI updated framework and my HD-LBU3 work properly but sometimes it  disconnect and reconnect again in middle of work (Both USB 2  and 3)  and i didn't  any problem with that issue . until 1 month ago it  started disconnect and reconnect  (Both USB 2  and 3)
at  the beginning of work over and over Somehow that i couldn't access my data
I gave my HD-LBU3 to repairman and he says  "adapter and connector is OK but the inner hard is damage and you have to change it" Now I want to know  what inner hard in terms of brand and model compatible to HD-LBU3 (case and power and whatever it is)  do you recommend me that i should get and change it
thank you in advance