Author Topic: URGENT >>>>Linkstation Duo > LS-WXL48B Firmware version: 1.74 CONNECTION ISSUES!  (Read 429 times)


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We continue to experience issues with connecting to the device.
We are trying to get the data off the drives before they fail.
We can't stay connected long enough to copy the files.

About 1.4 TB of data

So any thoughts on how to get the data off quickly and easily?
If we remove the drives will we be able to access them using an adapter or external usb case? Will they be locked? Partition type? I'm using windows 10.

Any way to direct connect? It has direct Direct copy, but it only seems to work with onboard usb to LinkStation, is there a way to do LinkStation to onboard USB

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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The data is stored in an XFS filesystem. Usually for the multi-disk devices that filesystem is in a software raid array. the exact details depend on the type of RAID you are using.

You can connect the drives to a PC running Linux and access the data directly that way.